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HERMES Hermes H watch HH1.501 Leather Watch Men Women Unisex popular brand [used] xx19-29470AO

It becomes [B rank]
relatively clean hand goods second-hand goods but there is a feeling of use.
There is a small scratches and peeling in case part.
There is a fading of the mark of the belt.
belt part is good without much feeling.
confirmed [of operation you, but the battery level will be unknown.
image Please consider on the reference!

[brand] HERMES Hermes
[model] H Watch
[model number] HH1.501
[Material] Leather
[size] about 35mm × 26mm
[arm around] contact us to about 15-17.5cm
[movement] quartz
[total weight] about 33.97g
[accessories] box
[Product details] inquiry is the number of the following regarding this product Please.

■ Attention ■
※ returned or exchanged, but there may be scratches and rubbing, dirt, etc. that do not fit appear in the image even in any event we can not do.
last will be used article because I need your help only those who can understand.