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Gucci GUCCI Bee with web stall muffler bee 475513 wool-cashmere Midnight Blue popular brands [used] 19-31697AS

[B rank]
conspicuous dirt or fraying, will be relatively condition good clean elegance without fluff we like.

[brand] Gucci
[model] with Bee web stall muffler
[model number] 475513
Material wool-cashmere
[color] Midnight Blue
[size Full length: 37 × 180cm
※ for the actual size, please understand some of the before and after
[reference price] ¥ 51,840
[accessories] None (body only)
[Product details] wool, cashmere , soft scarves of silk blend material. Gucci web stripe and the Bee by gold thread (bee) embroidery is impressive. Bee (bee), for the first time appeared in Gucci in the 1970s, was taken up again by then Alessandro Michele. Bee (bee) is a symbol of nobility in Europe, family crest and tapestry, have been often used in painting.

■ Attention ■
※ There may be scratches and rubbing, dirt, etc. that do not fit appear in the image, but I am afraid that I can not be returned or exchanged even in any event.
last will be used article because I need your help only those who can understand.