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Bottega Veneta BOTTEGA VENETA Intorechato two-fold wallet B05334383X leather black men’s popular brand [used] 19-30533AS

[B rank]
You can see some feeling of use, such as bald fine wrinkles coin in the purse by the aging, but noticeable scratches and damage will be without relatively condition good beautiful eyes elegance.

[brand] Bottega Veneta
[model] Intorechato 2-fold wallet
[model number] B05334383X
[Material] Leather
[color] black
[size ] Length: about 18.7 × 10.0cm
※ actual size of the order, some of the before and after, please note that
[accessories] None (body only)
[Product details] woven carefully the leather, which is in a strip cut it is a unique two-fold wallet Bottega Veneta that technique "Intorechato" is eye-catching.
men and women both sleek silhouette and fine fabric feel of leather anywhere not have to produce a sense of luxury.
Please consider this opportunity to come.

■ Attention ■
※ There may be scratches and rubbing, dirt, etc. that do not fit appear in the image, but I am afraid that I can not be returned or exchanged even in any event.
last will be used article because I need your help only those who can understand.